About Us

What We Are All About

Here at Burlaep we are always evolving to find ways to be a better influence to our local and global community. We set out on a mission to do just that in 2010. We were just a few broke college kids with a desire to help others... that was really all we knew we wanted to do. We struggled for quite some time to come up with a game plan on how we were going to do that. Eventually we settled on shirts! We knew that people always like having cool shirt designs and that there would always be a market for that. So in late 2010 we sold our first shirt and have been doing it ever since! We've used the proceeds from the shirts to fund community projects locally, and internationally and we're always open to new ideas on how we can make a better impact! Always feel free to shoot us a question at theguys@burlaep.com!

Where We've Been

We had our humble start in Starkville, MS while we were attending Mississippi State University. Starkville showed us that even in small places people want to make a global difference. We were blown away by our local support. We eventually started a community project to open a small vendor shop in downtown Starkville. We called it "The Old House", (it was an old house). We let local vendors sell their merchandise and we also used it as a headquarters for Burlaep. During this time we really focused on trying to impact our immediate community by investing in projects locally and helping to support local vendors. 

Where We Are Now

The people who have been a part of Burlaep usually share 2 passions: Helping others and getting outside. The first is what we based the company after and the latter is what we base our designs on. We love being outside and soaking up some nature, and it was inevitable that love would flow over into our designs. We didn't really intend on becoming an outdoor apparel company, but our love for the outdoors just lead us in that direction. We eventually got tired of driving long distances to be able to enjoy some of the outdoor adventures that we love so much and that Chattanooga has to offer..so we eventually moved to Chattanooga, TN after college and couldn't be happier! We are still new to the community but are trying to grow our brand in the area and find different projects we can be a part of (let us know if you have anything in mind). Between working our full time jobs and climbing as much as we possibly can, we don't really have the time to implement the best business plan or marketing strategy or study sales percentages or all that junk... but we can make some pretty rad, locally crafted and designed, outdoor themed shirts for a community minded purpose.

You can find some of our swanky shirts at Four Bridges Outfitters in Chattanooga! You can check them out at www.fourbridgesoutfitters.com

You can find more of our swanky shirts at The General Store located in front of of the Tennessee Aquarium in downtown Chattanooga!

You can also find us at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays for some freshly printed shirts! Other than that, you'll probably run into us around the Chattanooga crags or our local gym! Cheers!