Hi, We Are Burlaep!

This is the rad team that makes up the Burlaep crew. We are a small outdoor apparel company based in Chattanooga, TN. We hand print each product we make right here in good ol' Chattanooga. We use only eco-conscious inks & cleaners and print on sustainably sourced, super comfy T-Shirts.We're just a few dirt baggers stoked on the outdoors and makin' dope tees and other nature activity-inspired products. If you see us at the crag, the gym, or a brewery say hey!

What We're About

Here at Burlaep we are always evolving to find ways to be a better influence to our local and global community. Our main focus for all of our brand is to use our platform to tangibly contribute to the protection and preservation of land access for any and ALL, so we set out on a mission to do just that in 2010. We were just a few broke college kids with a desire to help others... that was really all we knew we wanted to do. We struggled for quite some time to come up with a game plan on how we were going to do that. Eventually we settled on shirts! We knew that people always like having cool shirt designs and that there would always be a market for that. So in late 2010 we sold our first shirt and have been doing it ever since! We've used the proceeds from the shirts to fund community projects locally, and internationally and we're always open to new ideas on how we can make a better impact! Always feel free to shoot us a question at theguys@burlaep.com!

Conservation Projects 

We firmly believe that making rad outdoor-inspired products is not enough. We aim to share our inspiration for the great outdoors by ethically and eco-consciously creating products that encourage people to get outside and find their own adventures. We’ve been fortunate to use our platform to give and partner with other like-minded organizations to create projects that tangibly contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment. One of our recent partnerships included fundraising for SORBA, or Southern Off-Roading Bicycle Association to help them continue to preserve mountain biking trails for all. Our longest partnership has been with our pals at the SCC, or Southern Climbing Coalition. We have created a few rad tees for them that helped fund land acquisition projects as well as hosted fundraisers and matched donations towards their mission. 


Tees For A Cause

We love using our screen-printing skills to help raise funds and bring awareness to certain needs or projects in our community and beyond. We were fortunate to create limited release tees to raise funds to help rebuild after the Lebanon explosions, and our next project will include creating tees to fundraise for the Full Circle Everest Expedition to help fund the first all black team to summit Mt. Everest. 


Conservation Collection

Our current Conservation Collection partnership is with our pals at the Southeastern Climbers Coalition.

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving climbing access in the southeast for present and future generations. We are a nationally recognized Local Climbing Organization for our efforts to conserve land in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia (TAG region). After almost three decades of rallying rock climbers for advocacy and acquisition, the SCC is poised to harness the region's explosively growing climbing community to protect critical natural resources while providing sustainable public access for climbing.

The SCC has roughly 900 members, has raised over $800,000 to acquire 11 different climbing areas, some which have been transferred to public management agencies; has maintained relationships with land managers to ensure public access to climbing areas in the region; and worked with partners and volunteers to organize and execute an average of 40 trail days a year at public and private areas amassing hundreds of volunteer hours to provide stewardship, conservation, and land management support.

SCC is currently fundraising to support our most recent access win- the acquisition of a 64-acre parcel of land in the Sequatchie Valley named Woodcock Cove. This historic acquisition is the second largest purchase the SCC has ever made. It establishes a foothold for public access to outdoor recreation amidst a wealth of climbing all along the Sequatchie Valley. 

Where We've Been

We had our humble start in Starkville, MS while we were attending Mississippi State University. Starkville showed us that even in small places people want to make a global difference. We were blown away by our local support. We eventually started a community project to open a small vendor shop in downtown Starkville. We called it "The Old House", (it was an old house). We let local vendors sell their merchandise and we also used it as a headquarters for Burlaep. During this time we really focused on trying to impact our immediate community by investing in projects locally and helping to support local vendors.

Where We Are Now

The people who have been a part of Burlaep usually share 2 passions: Helping others and getting outside. The first is what we based the company after and the latter is what we base our designs on. We love being outside and soaking up some nature, and it was inevitable that love would flow over into our designs. We didn't really intend on becoming an outdoor apparel company, but our love for the outdoors just lead us in that direction. We eventually got tired of driving long distances to be able to enjoy some of the outdoor adventures that we love so much and that Chattanooga has to offer..so we eventually moved to Chattanooga, TN after college and couldn't be happier! Soon after our big move, we officially launched our flagship store as we continue to grow our brand in the area and find different projects we can be a part of (let us know if you have anything in mind). Between working our full time jobs and climbing as much as we possibly can, we think we can make some pretty rad, locally crafted and designed, outdoor themed shirts for a community minded purpose.

You can find some of our swanky shirts and grab a cup of joe at our rad storefront and coffee shop in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga. You can also check out our products at www.fourbridgesoutfitters.com

You can also find us at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays for some freshly printed shirts! Other than that, you'll probably run into us around the Chattanooga crags or our local gym! Cheers!