Leave It Better Than Ya Found It

At Burlaep we are committed to conserving the outdoor, and if you're anything like us you want to know how to get involved with that process. Below we've attached links to those in our community in Chattanooga, Tennessee and nationally that are actively preserving the great out doors. So you can have a hand in protecting the places your wild heart takes you

Southeastern Climbers Coaliton

Do you climb in Tennessee, Georgia or Alabama? Volunteer with the SCC; they lead stewardship days to build sustainable trails, remove graffiti and trash, host outdoor climbing events and more. Click below to be directed to their calendar and sign up for their next trail day.

Volunteer with National Parks

National Parks is a great effort to volunteer for. They bring us the gift of thousands of acres of beautifully unforgettable public land. If you are someone venturing or simply live close to one of these great treasures that are our National Parks consider finding time to help these parks and leave them better than ya found them!